Our Story

Studio Incar is a multi award winning, specialist car audio company that was established in 2010 by our Creative Director Carl Shakespeare, through his passion for exceptional musical reproduction in the automotive industry, his enthusiasm and a willingness to always keep ahead of the curve. We grew progressively in a short period of time and in early 2013 we relocated to our current premises, to allow us a better equipped workshop, a dedicated consultation area, trimming room and a fully heated and wifi equipped waiting area. In 2017, the team has also grown in numbers with everyone bringing their own particular skill set and a drive that helps keep us at the top of our game. This year has seen plenty of advancement in the direction that Carl wanted the company to take with the growth of our online presence through our blogs, ever expanding online store and our social media exposure. With the likes of High Definition Audio streaming and high quality home/mobile audio systems encouraging the public to seek out high fidelity car audio systems, 2018 should see us develop some of our best projects yet. We look forward to pushing the boundaries and showcasing our skills to the World. Keep up to date by reading our blog or contact us to discuss how we can change the way you enjoy your car.
The Studio Incar Team