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Studio Incar – Air Studio, A part of our business that is ever present and growing.


A little while ago it was decided we get a handful of cars together for a little shoot with our resident phot Nick Williams from, the only parameter was it had to be a car that we have put on air. Now we have a huge air port folio and if there is one thing we are guilty of its not promoting such work! Unfortunately a couple of these pictures were leaked (read “stolen”) from our hosting site and used on various blogs without any permissions, slightly painful when we went to all the effort of the builds and arranging the shoot etc but I suppose in order for them to be stolen we must be doing something right?


Although Studio Incar is primarily a car audio, interior design and sound specialists when it comes to air suspension we do everything from stock fits to full on show builds, we have three technicians that all specialise in the sale and fitment of air ride, fabrication, custom builds, hard lining, trimming, electronics, product information and after care, basically every aspect of the job our lads have nailed.


Anyway, this is a little bit less about the story, everybody loves pictures right? A few pics with a quick jot down in between.. All work carried out in house, enjoy!










First up, Nick Singh Sahota’s PUR35T.. What can we say, a controversial project managed completely in house, the air ride was a relatively small part of this project in the scheme of things but never the less with its twin 3 gallon and twin compressor digital Airlift Autopilot V2 and custom performance bag set up it sit’s perfectly when layed and drives fantastic when at its riding height. We will cover this shortly in an up coming post, eyes peeled!










Next up, Chris Suhkram’s ever so simple Mk4, You wont see much of this twin tank, isolated twin compressor digital V2 system in here as its all in the spare wheel well underneath the install you see above. Funnily enough this install is about to be changed out for another with different audio equipment and this ones not even seen the road yet! More on this when finished as it is undergoing another fully managed project stage at the moment.










Ah, Nick Williams A3, one we used to stretch our legs in 2013, this was the first of this chassis ever on air, it had 7 miles on its clock when it first drove into the workshop and has now covered some 15/20k miles… This was one of them 24 hr shift 5 day builds where it was only decided that he wanted an audio install on the Wednesday night, deadline was Saturday morning where it was to d├ębut with us at players classic show Goodwood. Needless to say it made it, with some very tired lads in tow.










Georges Mk5, this one was fitted with a supplied accuair elevel kit and Airlift bags. The install was chosen as our “stock fit” level of installation for simplicity/cost. George threatens to go the whole hog at some point so you’ll have to wait and see what we come up with. The car looks killer quite simply with the air and stunning triple chrome Rotiform wheels.


Here’s a brief handful of other builds to roll out of our workshop.




















Anyway, that’s as far as we got that day, for all the product information you could want take a few clicks at the top of the page into our shop/air and you should be able to see all you want. If that’s not the case then give us a call on 01489 877 987 or email us at and we can discuss products, pricing, what fitment spec you desire etc.


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