Black, White…..

And soon to be ‘read’ all over….

So about a month ago this turned up –

tosh’s mk2, originally a valver to have an Abf installed in the most subtlest of ways and have some fitment, new lines and all the jazz… some powder coating had been done subframes/wisbones arb etc before it got here –

so i stripped it down and got on with refurbishing the servo/master cylinder and running tucked lines etc

then got the donor engine apart and got the powder coating sorted,

at this point VW where called and all new bolts were ordered, on with building the new engine..

Then it was on with the in!

then it was to ancillaries etc….

then test driven!

Every thing went very well, had to re align the gear linkages etc and then it was faultless!


During the build Tosh’s wheel turned up, the pair of us took them down to vern to have the tyre put on and then we came back to get them on the car…

fitment maths was perfect…

And the finished article ready for UD….

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