Competition Time (Phase 2)


So Ben’s Civic was with us a few months ago for a full competition spec build up. He went out with the car and got 2 very good scores in rounds 3 and 4 of the European Multi Media Association competition in SQ Advanced.

This week the car has been back in for a change up in time for round 5 which is being held at the Trax show on the 8th of September. The brief was to take the lessons learnt at round 3 and 4 and improve the car for round 5 with a raise in points across the board.

The biggest change in the car is the subwoofer stage. At the competition Ben saw that most cars within the circuit had their subwoofers in a front location (There are numerous reasons for this, timing, phase, staging and so on are all aided massively by having your low frequency speaker up front). So we all decided that this would be the route to go down. We started to look into woofers and decided supplying JL audio’s TW5 shallow mounting woofer to be the best compromise for output/box capacity.

To make sure we complied completely with the regulation regarding normal use of the car the glove box was decided as the location for the woofer box. The carcass of the original glove box remains, It has had a 18mm fibreglass reinforced birch ply front baffle and strengthened with a mix of fiberglass resin, bridge agent and filler (we like to refer to this as a milkshake) then deadened and lined with a thermo acoustic liner. The box is held into the car with threaded bars and nuts in 3 locations, and is trimmed to match all of the bespoke audio panels in the car. The JL grille was added after this picture was taken.

Obviously removing 2 10” woofers and their box for the rear of the car has left a big hole. The original build had the power distribution hidden behind the woofer beauty panel. We thought we would use this space to show off some tidy wiring. (Also making it easier for judges). The rack was made in the manor as the amp rack built previously.

The final change to the system was to swap out the head unit, the car previously had an Alpine W502ri which was proving tiresome to run optically to the H800 so is now sporting a DVA-9861 this is sending its signal to the processor though an optical Tos-link giving a clean and clear signal. The RUX controller is retained for tuning and pre-set selection.

It’s now ready for its next outing, and due to the latest fabrication has now progressed to the next class in the competition. Hopefully we will see some even better scores in its next competition. If you get the chance pop along to the Trax event we will all be there with various cars so don’t be shy in asking for a demo.


As always comments are always welcome.