Competition Time!


Things have been going full swing around the workshop lately. This is one of a fair few of competition cars we have built this year. This one being finished the day before the 3rd round of EMMA (European Mobile Media Association). Ben contacted us a while back about doing his build, we were more than happy to take on that challenge.



The Base car already had a twin smart alternator setup on when it came through the workshop door. You could say that Ben is into his car audio. We weren’t expecting quite so many boxes to fit in the back of his understated little civic.



Ben’s built this system up over time. Comprising of no less than 5 stunning Mosconi AS series amplifiers , Full Hybrid Audio 3 way front end, Image Dynamic’s IDMAX 10” woofers and a combination of, Alpine’s W502r head unit and PXA-H800 processor.



We started in the doors where the expertly built Hybrid Audio Legatia LE6’s were housed in solid mounted 36mm baffles in the stock location.  The LE3 mid-range drives replace the factory tweeter positions on the sail panels. Fitted on the same plane are the Le1.1 Tweeters custom mounted into the A Pillars. All of the custom panels were trimmed in luxurious Alcantara.



As with all the competition builds we do all the wires run in the car are braided heat shrunk and labelled then strapped every 4” or less. This was vital with a system this complicated.



The front end uses a head unit adapter fascia to mount the W502r, but we couldn’t let the whole front end go in with no fabrication. There was a small pocket just below the aperture for the head unit this seemed the ideal place for the processor controller and in practice has worked out fantastic.



The biggest challenge of the build was how to mount the 5 Mosconi amps and the Alpine Processor. A modular sliding rack was the best way to achieve this showing off all the equipment yet keeping a very tidy install.



In case you were wondering here is a little rundown on how the system is running:




Perched above the amp rack are the woofers, reverse mounted and firing into the smallest box we could build to the parameters of the speaker. This thing really does bang if you give it some.



Ben was over the moon with the work and the day after the car was finished he picked up second in class at the fourth round of the Emma UK Competition in the Advanced Unlimited Class.



We were all proud to see the car do well first time out. Now all that’s left is Ben to enjoy the system he spent a long time building up and get stuck into the tuning with us! As usual here are a few more pics.








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