Darrens mk4, the finale….

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Darrens (G-werks) mk4 has been with us this week for some audio, the brief was an understated build which incorporated and under floor enclosure for a subwoofer/hidden amp and front door speakers.

Not as straight forward as it sounds considering there was a fantastic install already in the car built by the guys at plush automotive respectively, ive got to give it to these lads there work was fantastic. Unfortunately it had no audio in it so we decided to shift everything round to get some sound in here!

What we wanted to deliver was a very well sounding car from a system with a very low price point basically to A, prove it can be done. B, allow a solution to a whole market at a cost effective level and C Keep Darren happy with the same excellent level of build quality.

We achieved all of the above.

Heres a few pictures of the finished product,

There you have it, i’m happy, Darrens happy, job jobbed.

I’d just like to say its been an absolute pleasure to work on this car 🙂

Theres already plans together to take it a little further, i’ll keep you posted as and when.

Cheers for looking,