E46 M3 JL audio install

Pauls own E46 M3 got the treatment this week with a fully bespoke build.


The rear wall of the build is actually open backed so the boot is still a common chamber, there for bass in the cabin is not a problem at all.

A “hybrid” JL 800/3 was made out of two JL slash amps, fixed together then inverted to reveal their internals.

The rear section was then back lit showing off the W7 wooer and alcantara front panel, the floor was the given a custom plexi panel with our logo etched and the “JL audio unique” words also etched.


In the front doors are JL audios C5 6.5″ component speakers (soon to be in bespoke door panels) and heading up the system is Alpines flagship 9887r.

Some finished shots

DSC_2142 DSC_2151 DSC_2149

Thanks for looking