Excellent sound

“Its what we do….”

Basically was the spec for the Audi. My favourite type of install, “blank canvas”.

Keeping boot space in mind, still being able to load in the boot whilst building a demonstration type vehicle is always quite difficult. The pictures will give the best story so i’ll just throw a spec up and let them do the talking.

source duties were left to alpine’s amazing 9887r with imprint technology.
CDT hd62 front components on 36mm solid baffles,
Genesis st100 stereo amplifier for front end duties,
Genesis miniblock for sub duties,
Image Dynamics 12″ woofer in custom enclosure with 36mm baffle, braced and 36mm rebate.
bulk pack of dynamat,
4 agu cabling throughout
streetwires zn6 rca’s

Tied into the car with a full custom install trimmed in grey alcantara and satin avantgard vynil..

This car sounds just as well as it looks, it will be with us at various shows throughout next year for demonstration purposes so don’t be shy.

I think its safe to say that Dave, the owner of this awesome car is very pleased indeed.

cheers for looking!