Get Out The Car!!

Only the best – Quite a tough brief on a car with an already serious amount of work…


Alcantara, smoothed dash, iPad mini with digital integration, OBD data integration, Hard lines, Custom boot install, Fantastic sound, Door builds and some real nice lighting, In 5 days?


Here’s a brief story of Mason’s awesome little Fabia.




Mason contacted us with an open brief really, the car had already had some work but it was time to change it up a little, We had a chat, a few idea’s were thrown around and what you see here in the blog is what we came up with as a collective.




After a few emails things got a little more serious. Never ones to shy away from a bit of custom installation smoothing the dash clocks didn’t faze us. The dash was then re trimmed in exclusive Alcantara.




The iPad was integrated digitally into the car as the main source. The digital signal is then passed through the Audison bit one processor. The front end is taken care of with Audisons outstanding Voce K6 component kit. Mounted in bespoke door builds.




Before the car arrived we were unaware of a full air install, the original plan was to mount the audio equipment in a neat but cost effective manner. This idea soon went out of the window and a full show build was decided on. Normally this wouldn’t be too much of a problem but as the dead line was 5 days away it presented somewhat of a challenge.




The boot now houses, The Bit One processor, an Audison Sr4 amplifier to power both the front end and a Audison Av10 now centre stage in the boot.




The hard lines were reworked in and around the other components, then some vivid lighting added to finish.




We aren’t finished with this car yet, so eyes peeled… Here are a few more pics and we hope you have enjoyed reading, as usual comments are always welcome.


Photo credit to Nick @ NWVT








Paul – SIC


**Clock and ODB data transfer/dash smoothing is only recommended for show purposes**