Good Choices, Good Times..

Meet Jamie Barry’s 350z, A model of car we’ve never worked on before.


Its a strange one for me the 350z, something I’ve always wondered “what’s that like to drive? They do look lovely..” but for some reason or another amongst the number of Japanese marque cars I’ve owned I’ve never had one, in fact I don’t think before Thursday last week I’d even been close to one. However..



This car in particular spells a few things out to me that we can often get complacent with working on cars day in day out.. I’ve been for over a decade now and still am car mad but the way this one looks and is looked after reminds me of times where the cars and people around them are all just as important as each other, hot days spent out simply to take the car out, see people, BBQ’s, spend the evening before into the dark cleaning, messing with a bit of fitment here and there and just simply enjoying it for what it is and when it is.. Simple, fun times.


Anyway……. After a late afternoon chat with Jamie regarding his car and what he wanted to do it was decided we’d be putting the car on Airlift Performance struts and V2 digital management. I got the impression on the phone that Jamie was about to make bit of a mistake with his previously chosen kit, calling us initially to have a different kit fitted here we spoke through the benefits of using Airlift performance products. Having not had a kit previously it’s very important Jamie was made aware of this level of kit. It’s pro’s and con’s and excellent UK warranty support.


That evening around 8.30pm I made the trip back to work to meet up with Jamie who had travelled down from the midlands (The exact location escapes me but props for the commitment none the less) to drop the car off. The next day the kit was laid out on the bench, the car was up and Sam set about stripping the car and getting it ready for lines and bags. All our lines are ran externally for as long as possible. All places do different things, we just find the lines need as little disruption as possible once fitted so strapping them down outside ensures this.



Jamie went for our first tier of custom installation, this is one days fabrication on top of a stock fit. He didn’t want to go bananas, but also didn’t want it boring. Sam had finished up the installation of the Air kit and moved onto fabricating the simple effective build in front of the factory “Z” embossed strut bracing leaving practically the entire usable boot space free, A brushed 5g Airlift tank, two copper lines were bent and polished, a trim/tank mount panel was made and trimmed in a vinyl to tie in with the factory plastics and a nice white Studio Incar plaque was sunken into the front panel.


This panel allowed for space underneath for the single Viair 444 and V2 management/manifold to be mounted to a separate bonded panel.



So Sunday, approx 4.30 was hand over time and pretty much exactly when these pics were taken..


Clean car this, super cool in my opinion. Part of the Studio448 guy’s ( @studio448 ) we’re noticing more and more lately, in fact this is the second member through the door for those of you that follow our instagram ( @studioincar ) we built a Honda integra type R  DC5 audio install a little while ago for Richard Simpson of the same stable.. We look forward to working with these guys more from now on.


Here’s some more shot’s –










With the Airlift system now fitted, the wheel’s pull in a good inch on drop allowing the arches to sit level with the rim lip on the fronts and just inside the lip on the rears so with a little more work (this car is on stock front fenders and rear arch lips so sits on the tyres before all out) it should be sat perfect. Its booked in for this work elsewhere this weekend so we look forward to seeing the results. It made a huge struggle about getting into our workshop, yet drove out effortlessly, an often forgotten perk of air ride.


A nice effective job with a good turn around, Jamie is over the moon, so are we. Thanks for the opportunity to help you out, mate!


AS ALWAYS – SHARES – LIKES – FOLLOWS…. All received with the biggest of love…


Words – Shakey


Pictures – Sam Rutter