Goodwood Festival Of Speed.


A quick blog about our recent trip to the festival of speed. In all honesty its the first time the camera has come out in a while and I’m itching to host them for people to see!


Goodwood festival of speed caught me by surprise, we’re local to this iconic track and make many a breakfast club/supercar Sunday yet having never been to the actual festival I didn’t know what to expect.


It doesn’t matter what walk of life any of us are from there’s one thing that keeps us car fans linked up and this event solidified this fact for me. As we made our way the mile or so across the infamous Goodwood golf course to the main event I was quite curious as to what to expect but as we crossed the forest into the first paddock area there it was.. The thing.. The smell of fuel, burnt tyres, brakes making all manners of “warm” smells, clutch’s that have been hanging on as hard as they car.. The sounds of huge V12’s through to screaming 4 pot’s and various boosted applications that you can feel in your chest as much as you can hear them present in front of you. “This is it” I thought, it’s what keeps us all linked together, proper petrol heads, the emotional link between these smells/sounds/atmosphere keep us all doing what we do regardless of who we are or where we have come from.




So much special metal on display, the value of some of these cars you can only imagine. The sight of cars you had posters of when you were younger wishing you could drive, and seeing drivers and celebrities that as a car enthusiast you have looked up to from a child, well I was taken aback by it all. Things like this beast of a Laguna touring car –




This Aston Matin Le Mans car, still dirty form victory I assume was going through some form of pit trial with a gentleman tuning it through his laptop it was quite exciting to witness the pitch of the cars engine/exhaust note changing with every touch of a button. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see this rocket up the hill however i am pretty sure I’ve had a one on one with this car before with a friend of mine fortunate enough to know the collector who owns a large amount of gulf cars.






Here are a few other stand out cars for me in the paddocks, all of which i could probably spend all day going over the details.




















Reluctantly, out of the paddocks as we only have 12 hours tops, through another forest section and into a supercar paddock. Now I’m not 100% on wether this was a manufacturers area or a general area for people to display their own hyper cars. As you can tell for this picture of Jay Kay’s (Jamiroquai Legend) Le Ferrari the parking wasn’t exactly up to the spec of the motors. What a car..












On we went through this supercar paddock, past the 25th anniversary celebrations of the MX5 – I will admit i’m not the biggest fan but you have to admire its longevity and the fact its held in such high regard with many a talented driver.




Through we walked into a concourse style section still on the walk towards the house. Sat here were some serious pieces of art, when a car passes from being a car into a “mantle piece” item, something absurdly precious.. Admittedly all these cars were either taxed or road worthy so they obviously get used which makes me feel all lovely. Here, have a Miura to look at –






Here’s some more of what this section had to offer –










From here we walked around to the house, in true from I didn’t actually get a shot of the house, although this funky structure that passed straight over the top of the house I managed a snap of!




The house was closed for the weekend, its a private house after all. We were more than happy enough to loiter around its grounds though, stumbling across paddock after paddock, manufacturer stands, trade and food stands and all manners of entertainment.


Just past the house McLaren had their stand set out on its own, the new 650 GT was sat in the top spot whilst Chris Goodwin, McLarens test driver was giving a speech on how incredible the new race breed 650 really feels on the road and track –












From this excellent display through to another paddock, mixed with cars for the track that day, display cars and various formula cars and bike.. Still high from the first paddock it can’t get much better surely?




Coming soon, Paddock B, the rest of the outside of the track and also the inside of the track and manufacturer stands.


Thanks ever so much for reading to this point! Comments and shares will be appreciated.


Shakey – Studio Incar