High spec T5 Transporter gets the love..

A long time friend and customer of ours Vern from The Wheel Specialist Fareham wanted something a little special for his daily/workhorse/display T5 so we got together and hatched a plan.

Concealed hardware keeps the single piece roof lining securely in place.


Something super luxurious yet retaining an OEM factor was the breif. The stock Transporter, if you are lucky enough to have a roof lining, has a 3 piece jobby in the back, separated at each 3rd way point. This was ditched and a new single piece item was made and trimmed by us in Alcantara for the exclusive feel/look.

Lighting was included which works independently side to side and keeps the factory lighting on the vans door circuitry.


All plastics were treated to a full black package to get rid of the biege of the original trim.


All pillars, beems, cross sections and panel joiners were trimmed to match, we stretched it out to various dash panel’s to continue the theme throughout the van.


The van also had the full hit whilst it was here in terms of split charging, duties taken car of by a huge Stinger sp1700 and Varta split relay, A 12v “ring main” was ran throughout with various discrete 12v jack points and a 240v hook up and on board charger for permanent trickle charging.

New side panels were made in the rear quarter sections to house a 3 way pair of speakers and a pair of 10″ Kenwood slimline woofers to keep Vern’s toes tapping to Take Thats greastest…

Anyway, enough from me, we’re happy, Verns happy, job well done.

Shakey – SIC