Higher Class, Lower Bass

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Earlier in the year we had an email from a lovely guy by the name of Tony saying he had one of the new JL Audio 10TW3 shallow mount subwoofers on order and would we be interested in fitting it to his car.

With the woofer not released in the UK at this time we were most more than excited about the job, getting to play with a band new piece of kit is always fun. Especially when it comes from JL Audio a company well known for not releasing a product until they are 100% happy with the way it works. The best part about this little project was the fact that the woofer was destined for a hero car within the British car market. An Aston Martin DB9.
Anyone who speaks to Tony for more than ten minutes will see that he not only loves his car but is also a massive audiophile, Part of the attraction of the Aston was the fact that it had a full Lynn 12 speaker stereo system. However after getting the car and enjoying it for a while it soon became apparent to Tony that the lower end bass extension was missing from some tracks. So we were set the task of rectifying this issue.
Our first task was to get the woofer into the car and try using the factory Lynn amp to power it. After some back and forward conversations with Tony (and taking most of the handmade interior out of the car) the rear deck was chosen as the new home for this awesome little speaker. We built a box with a 0.3 cbft displacement (yep you read that right 0.3) which was made to fit under the rear deck panel, and went about wiring it into the system.
Unfortunately the amp couldn’t provide us with the power we needed to get the lower end extension Tony was looking for. So a Audison Bit 10 was used to convert the High level out of the Lynn amp to a re eq’d RCA output, this signal was sent to a Hertz HCP 1D (massive power for its footprint) to power the woofer.
Finally there was the bass that we had been looking for. The little woofer did not disappoint! The panel work could now be completed, a hole was cut and a matching grille panel and of course some lovely Alcantara added into the mix.
While the car was with us Tony also asked up to integrate a Bury CC9060 along with a Dension Gateway 500. This little mix of gadgets gives a massive choice of sources. iPod, USB, 3.5mm all controllable through the factory stereo. The Bury also has a built in Phone kit.
Tony was more than pleased with the small transformation we achieved on his car and is thinking up the next step for us to take. Here a a few more pics of the car it was a delight to have in the workshop.

Hope you have enjoyed this write up, If you have any questions about the components used in the build just drop us and email Info@studioincar.com
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