iPads on Pads on Pads…

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Approx 5 weeks before the UK’s show season opener “Ultimate Dubs 2013” we received the message..

“I want an iPad, in my dash, i need it done asap” Said Jason Allen to me on a generic social media chat site..
Now with a full shop, two deadlines already quite tight, technically we should have said no to this ones time frame, but as anyone into the show scene will know this isn’t how things go, ever. So we took it on, it reached its deadline as did all the others.

The booking was made, we knew what we had to do (well, at least we thought we did) and it was now just waiting upon the arrivel of the car and of course to meet Jason for the first time, now thier’s no shame in me admitting i was completely un-armed for this “meeting” having never met Jason and his “all or nothing” attitude before. Sure enough by the end of the night the plans had changed ten fold, not a problem we still had all that time, remember?
No less than 2 iPads, one off the shelf mini and a brand new full size 4, One of audisons higher end amplifiers to run the system, Audisons top dog processor the bit one to deal with all of the signal transfer, Audison Voce front speakers and Audison cabling through out. Smoothed rear door cards, smoothed rear parcel shelf sections, smoothed pockets, custom rear seat deletion panels, new hard lining.. The list does go on.

As with all of our iPad installation’s the signal is fully digital and the signal is processed by Audison’s fantastic Bit One processor, up front in the car we mounted the “DRC” digital remote control for source switching and volume control in the front door in a custom panel, inside the custom panel to show the fantastic Audison Voce mid-range/mid-bass speaker lurking in the door.

For those that where lucky enough to hear this car when on display on Sunday you will realise although this install is quite heavily form bias it delivers the goods in the bucket load, the sound from this car with its front mounted subwoofer blew us away after a couple of hours tuning, aligning etc to get the system to its optimum, hard sub bass, warm yet attacking mid bass and vocals, such a complete package.

Credit as well to all the guys who had a lot to do with this project to help it take home two awards at its debut show, winning best in class and the coveted best interior. Reflex Auto Design who painted the car did a fantastic job, Our resident detailer Ollie (Snowshine) was super impressed and also did a fantastic job prepping the car and taking care of it throughout the weekend, Plush automotive for there part in the interior as always delivering outstanding work and rotiform for delivering the goods on the wheel front to name a few. To say we’re proud of the recognition the car got at Ultimate dubs would be a ridiculous understatement.
Jason was blown away,  which makes it all worth while for us.  Anyway here are some pictures we managed to get of the calm before the storm, as always, feedback on the new blog, feedback on the project all welcome.





Shakey – SIC