It’s back on!

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Pauls 106gti custom.

Personaly ive watched this car go from bone stock to the eye candy it is now, quick story..

I drove past a car garage and it was sat there, good price, very well looked after, by the end of that weekend this standard 106 was sat on my wingman pauls street..

Since then the car has gone under a massive transformation, full paint consisting of almost every panel being customised, the car has been widened by over an inch over stock just to accommodate the wheels, wich are also a custom painted 3 piece jobby (compomotive cxn’s), Full audio to a very high spec done here at the studio along with some trick trimming, engine bay overhaul, full stainless system, fully adjustable shocks, and a few nice interior touch’s..

Paul doesn’t do things by half, there isn’t a stone unturned on this car and it wants for nothing, so it stings a little when things go wrong, but inevitably they do.

We finally finished this ready to debuted it at FCS (french car show), unfortunately on the way we had a blow out at a very high speed wich sent us across 4 lanes of traffic onto the hard shoulder, leaving us there in utter shock that we were sat in a car fresh out of paint, readily show prep’d and now nothing…. Its been a while coming and now its all rebuilt and back, ready to come out again.. We have been out over the past few days on a couple of confidence runs and everything is working perfectly.

Take a look, hopefully it has the same effect it has on me, i absolutely love it!