Kay’s 330D

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Bit late with this one, what with our trip away for Worthersee and getting everything battened down, but better late than never..


Kay came to us through one of the owners clubs we frequent wanting our free system health check. The health check was done and the car sounded much better in Kay’s and my own opinion. The car and a very happy Kay left us, in the meantime Kay decided he wanted more accuracy from his bass and basically wanted to utilise his already capable system to full effect.

So with the car all booked in, a plan was set out to utilise the space in the back of the car and shoot a new JL Audio 10″w7 through the ski hatch of the car in a sealed enclosure, giving optimum accuracy from the low end and a hike in power was opted for, for the front channels.

Pictures of the finished article

DSC_4092 DSC_4086 DSC_4069 DSC_4075

So the system is now miles better than when we first did our free 30 min health check and the car is till 100% functional, using far less space than the original system, Kays happy, we’re happy… Nether the less he’s just booked back in for more bass!!

Let the plans commence..

Shakey – SIC