Last Minute…

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We couldn’t find a more fitting title for this project, you know that guy you hear of that’s been up for 48 hours solid sorting last minute things to get that car to that show? Well that’s Will Smith, the owner of this ever so last minute 6n2 polo.



Given two weeks before its debut at Ultimate Dubs 2013, the car still needed its interior refitting, final tune on the audio, ipad conversion cable hadn’t arrived, fully re painting, various other small yet crucial jobs doing, we actually ended up leaving the doors of SIC open o the Friday night before the show for 48 hours solid so Will could carry on, and on… And on, until the day of the show.


Needless to say the car made the show, all be it with a zombie of an owner and co pilot Chris (a wing man who bore the brunt with Will!) to display on our own trade stand at the show.



Its quite personal to us this one being one of Steve’s first fully managed/designed and built installs and as i’m sure anyone who see’s/hear’s this install will agree a fantastic job was done all round. I certainly know, he texts me in the middle of the night to tell me he cant get out as he likes the way it sounds to much! Which strangely even at that time i appreciate knowing..


The system, this one comprises of Audison entry level SR amplifiers, no less than 7 channels of! Audison Voce 3 way active component set, an Audison Voce AV12″ subwoofer in the front foot well (Notice a pattern here?) wich is no mean feat in the foot well of a 6n2, an Audison BitOne processor to take care of all signal transfer and finally an Apple Ipad mini head’s up the system digitally… A surprisingly affordable but properly impacting system.



Not to dissimilar to our usual Ipad installations?  Apart from this one is fed from a wifi generator, plugged into the cars diagnostic port, feeding the ipad constant OBD data, hence the shaved dash top/clock deletion. Extreme modification which most people don’t even realise until they put their finger on why something feels like its missing. Needless to say this also does wonders for the staging of the front end with no binnacle to cause reflections or any uneven third party interaction on the dash top.


36mm solid door baffles and front mounted subwoofer ensure a solid low end up front, aimed midrange and tweeter housings look after the spot on front image/staging. This coupled with the BitOne’s processing power makes for a very competent sounding system.



Full alcantara roof lining, pillars, dash etc and  Joe from Trimdeluxe saw us right with an alcantara re trim on the SIC source 2013 Jaguar XKR seats makes for a lovely place to be.


Anyway, enough from me, have a look through a couple of pictures our own Steve took of this cracking little car last week.















Thanks for reading all, feel free to share, comment, feedback etc..


Team – SIC