Max’s A3

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The second time around..


Job sheet –

Get the car sat better, fitment, height, camber, arch work etc..

Go Alcantara crazy

The finished article leaves us with what we think is possibly the best sat static 8p A3 out there (we hav’nt completely finished yet either), with some awesome interior upgrades.

So we set about flaring the front arch’s, elongating the rear swing arm bolt holes to dial them in a little, winding it down and the process began, again and again until it was sat “right”…

IMG_2422 IMG_2427 IMG_2467

At the same time we re trimmed and re coloured everything from the door tops up.. Pillars, plastics, headliner and all light clusters got the treatment.

IMG_2435 IMG_2438 IMG_2446 IMG_2444

And that, is that… Simply a killer A3 that keeps getting better and better..