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so then….. a little mk1 came through the roller shutters last week with a suspected “gearbox dust shield rattle” being an abf mk1 using the o2a gearbox with cable change from the donor car it’s quite possible as they do run a shield between the fly and block to stop stones and general crap from entering the gearbox bell housing/flywheel/clutch assembly… so we listened, and listened and listened…. and then decided to pull it apart to have a butchers…

gearbox/flywheel/clutch off, nothing wrong…. the problem is obviously a little deeper routed? so the bottom end came off.

now, before the shots, a spec of the engine and a little history. this isnt a run of the mill abf 2.0 16v long block (wich is ample quick in a mk1 alone) this is a full prepped ex vw works engine, fully lightened and balanced bottom end crank/rods etc etc.. the cams are custom made with sch aggressive lobes that the head has had to be milled out to accommodate, angle cut seats, fully gas flowed, ported polished etc.. the spec is really really special and makes for one of the most powerful n/a 16v units we know of with a good 210/220 Whp.

wich only makes it a little more painful when you find the suspected gearbox “rattle” to be an exploded crank sensor pully, lush.

heres what we found in the sump, yep thats an oil banjo and union been stripped out of cylinder 4.

and the bottom end from a worms eye veiw..

and the crank, with offending item.

and that, is how you do it.

ps, keep your eyes peeled for a berg cup style mk1 being born soon….