Our Busy Times….

For the followers of the blog, thanks for your patience when it comes to the lack of posts lately, we’ve been trying to knuckle down in the workshop wich has left no time for the blog! This needs to change…..

We’ve been doing so much lately its hard to pin down a single job so i’m going to throw up a few of our recent snaps for you to have a look at and see what we have been upto, i’ll get some full on write up’s done over the next few days/weeks.

Us and the boys brought some silverware home from Edition38X

We won stuff... Studioincar Autobarn Barn seats...

Seats were trimmed for our mk3 demo –


Jays mk2 was taken to another level

DSC_1109 DSC_1122

We started our first own competition system.

DSC_1210 DSC_1265

All this gubbins turned up..

I can't spell "ooooeoeeeeeggghhhh" but it's the noise we both made, with a generic "man nod".. We'll supply the tissues.

So amongst hundreds of other things, this is a selection of what we’ve been upto!

Back soon,

Shakey, SIC.