Our E46 M3’s

About time i put a post on our blog showing you our own rides really… As you can tell we take cars quite seriously, we’ve owned a few and it seems we have settled on these two..

DSC_0247 296510_10150831199935576_640410575_20750712_1812775600_n

Paul has had his a bit longer than me (the carbon black one) in fact it’s Pauls fault i own one, he leant me this awesome car for a few weeks when my (at the time) Evo was in having some work done and the rest is history.

Like most friends/associates we have similar ways in which we do things but are still different enough to express our own personalities when it comes to modifying these cars. OE seems key to us for the best form of modifying, keeping the car relatively standard from the outside, sitting it to within an inch of its life and then a rather high end “VIP” feel interior to finish it off… detailing and maintaining factory paint were we can and keeping on top of all important service parts leads to owning and driving/enjoying/showing some seriously nice cars.

DSC_3764 DSC_3840

This will be the first winter we’ve owned the two, and dare i say its triggered a subconscious “must get that done before him” friendly competitiveness which will lead to some impressive updates on the blog over the coming months.

At the end of the day we are a Pro car audio company, its where our heart is, in keeping both of these cars have big plans over the winter for fully active/processor managed systems with full re fabrication of door cards (we will be keeping the original cards and using re trimmed out sourced cards) for a true pair of demo cars with two different systems to try out.

DSC_4147 DSC_2035 DSC_4143

So there they are, our M3’s. Eyes pealed on the blog for updates over the next few months while we turn these to up a notch…

Shakey – SIC