Performance, On Air?


Is the first question from any potential air ride client!



Our answer, yes of course. In the 2013/2014 market there is no space for kits that don’t deliver.


In the past 3-4 years air ride in general has come on leaps and bounds. There was a day regardless of what the die hards might say, that it didn’t handle all too well.. Maybe before the addition of digital management kits like the Air lift Autopilot Airlift Autopilot V2 fitted in this article. Maybe before full threaded body/dampening adjustment “performance” shocks. You guessed it, also fitted to the car in this thread..



We think the guys upstairs at all the major air manufacturers really have been tightening down over the past few years, supplying dealers with a multitude of platforms to offer whilst also pinning down all the subtle upgrades needed to supply and fit the best possible kit to each platform since the huge hike in the popularity of air ride within the tuner scene.


The reason for this simple explanation, is how well this car composes itself after the removal of all of its original suspension components and replacement with Air lift Performance air bags and struts. Performance with air ride needn’t be an issue anymore, everything is there to dial in pre-load for corner weighting, height adjustments for the perfect spring rate/stroke and so on..



We’ve enjoyed doing this fit for Jon, a more local than usual guy and a customer of ours for some time now. For various reasons this job feels slightly over due as we nearly did Jon’s new A4 a year or so ago now, but it wasn’t to be due to the itch for this model. Jon deemed daft to spend the money on that car.


This car, the new C7 A6 from Audi was brought over to us with delivery miles at first for the shake down and to see if we could actually reach the spec wanted from Jon. “Show element but 100% functionality retained”…



A custom floor was made utilising the factory raised sections to match the cars aesthetics, the tank was also trimmed and triple stitched with the same spacing and stitch length as the Audi’s beautifully trimmed factory seats again complimenting the car where possible. The whole things fits completely snug under the floor of the car like so.


Hopefully you will agree the installation looks like it could have come out of the box like this.



Each year we have a car we choose to use throughout the season given the permission of the owner, it’s safe to safe that this one (along with another quite special project) will be with us a lot of the time through the coming new year, new hoops and a few subtle things and she’s there… If you should fancy a demonstration of the kit then don’t hesitate to either approach us at an event or pre-book an appointment at the workshop and we will run you through a thorough demonstration of one of our air equipped cars.



Enough from me now, the car drives flawlessly as expected and Jon was in awe of the job we delivered, which is our goal achieved. Following is a selection of shots from the finished article, the car is also available for viewing in our gallery.


All equipment used in this post is available from our shop, feel free to have a look around, standard fitting and show based fitting is available at their individual pricing respectively.


Thanks for reading,


Shakey – SIC