Players 5.0

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Thought i’d do a little write up on today’s event as i’m absolutely chuffed with some of the SIC affiliated cars and results…

Early start, to get a chance with any sort of decent seat at the Players event you have to be an early worm, it’s such a popular show it fills up super fast.. 5.30, leave the workshop at 6 with the two SIC m3’s and our friend paul in his e36 m3.

After a few loo stops, a McDonald’s breakfast and a couple of hundred miles (or so?) we arrived, for around 8.45 approx 45 mins late.. Low and behold the place wash rammed and quickly filling to the brim!

A quick clean of the cars, dry down and QD, we were met by the guys from Klean Freaks who gave us a few samples of their products and a run down on some of the ingredients/procedures.. Definitely a product to look out for

We moved the cars, got them settled down, got Pauls M3 boot open for people to have a glimpse at some of our work and then did what we came to do and had a wonder..

Some of what we were treated to –

DSC_3986 DSC_3958 DSC_3882 DSC_3926 DSC_3871 DSC_3976

Associated awards!

Jays mk2 – Best mk2


Project 500 – Best audio/install

DSC_2681 DSC_2657

Rob’s Audi – winner in the Audi category and also best trim

DSC_3577 DSC_3543

Players always attracts such a wide variety of tuned/modified cars, it’s always a breath of fresh air to walk around and be greeted with metal from all different corners of car culture.

The levels some of the cars were built to was just outstanding, The show itself and the organisation there were no problems what so ever and everything seemed to just work.

A few things i took away from Players 5.0? Brakes – huge brakes were everywhere!! And simply how large the rest of the modified/tuning genre really is.. We love VW’s, but we love cars more.

Well done Players boys, Darren, Carl, Jay and the rest of the lads, done well, see you next year.