Audison Prima APSP G7

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Audison Prima APSP G7

OEM Integration – Complete Prima package for Golf Mk7


Amplifier: AP8.9 bit The Audison AP8.9 bit is the foundation which the Sound Pack is built upon. The 8 channels in this flexible “all-in-one” amplifier have been configured to power the complete speaker system including the APBX G7 subwoofer system.

Front Speakers: AP 6.5 Ω2

2 way system featuring the Audison AP 6.5 Ω2 woofers, OEM Tweeters and a specific crossover. The system is packaged with composite OEM speaker baffles, harnesses and seals to retrofit the woofer and tweeter into speaker factory locations to an OEM standard.

Technical Specifications


AP 6.5 Ω2 Woofers
Size mm (in.) Woofer 165 (6.5)
Power Handling W (peak) 300
Power Handling W (continous) 100
Impedance Ohms 2
Frequency Response Hz 60 – 20k
Crossover type 2-Way passive


AP8.9 bit Output Channel Map
Channel Mode Speakers Power
1 – 2 Stereo AP 6.5 Ω2 Front Woofers 2 x 65W RMS @ 2 Ω
3 – 4 Stereo OEM Rear Speakers 2 x 35W RMS @ 4 Ω
5 – 6 Stereo OEM Front Tweeters 2 x 35W RMS @ 4 Ω
7 – 8 Bridge APBX G7 – Subwoofer 1 x 130W RMS @ 4 Ω


APSP G7 User Manual

APSP G7 Tech. Sheet


Subwoofer: APBX G7

Audison Prima APBX G7

The Plug&Sound reflex passive subwoofer perfectly integrating into the car’s trunk. The subwoofer itself has been engineered to mate perfectly with the available enclosure volume, exploiting all the power the AP8.9 bit delivers.

Size mm (in.) 250 (10)
Power Handling W (peak) 900
Power Handling W (continous) 300
Impedance Ohms 4
Frequency Response Hz 38 – 350
Crossover type Active

Audison Prima APSP G7