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Audison Thesis HV Venti – “The Amplifier”

Audison Thesis HV Venti – Audison has always aimed at the highest quality. Every product is unique.

The Audison Thesis HV Venti is designed and developed in order to join the very best worldwide production; its special features make it peerless.Sometimes, however, choices have to depend on technical reasons, on the fact the product must be easy to use, on market demands.

The Thesis line indicates:

  • An absolute Hi-End Audison products, aims at escaping this indisputable reality.
  • its direct link between audiophile designers and audiophile enthusiasts, who always, simply, look for the best in a common passion: listening to music.
  • is a stereo amplifier built according to absolutely Hi-End parameters.




– Balanced up to the driver output;
– 90 V separate power supply voltage.

– ABS balanced inputs;
– Polypropylene capacitors decoupled input stage;
– JFET differential input stage;
– Two selectable gain levels;
– Balanced output buffer for the control unit;
– Thermally stabilized.

– Sensitivity;
– L/R alignment;
– IN mode / OUT mode.
– “Discrete” Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) topology;
– 2 Hitachi DMOS drivers;
– 2 pairs of Sanken Power transistor;
– Balanced Class A biased driver with separate 150V Flyback power supply.
– 5 mm aluminium bottom plate;
– 2 side cooling ducts with 2 fans located at the ends of each duct;
– Small driver central cooling duct with independent fan;
– Cooling fan system managed by ASC.

Power Output

Load Imp.

  • 4 Ohm Hi-Current 200 W x 2 800 W x 1 Hi-Power 400 W x 2 1600 W x 1
  • 2 Ohm Hi-Current 400 W x 2 1300 W x 1 Hi-Power 800 W x 2
  • 1 Ohm Hi-Current 350 W x 2



Thesis HV Venti Manual

Thesis HV Venti Tech Sheet


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