Audison VOCE AV due


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Audison VOCE AV due – High Quality Stereo Amplifier

The Audison VOCE AV due is a powerful stereo amplifier. Its power supply section and final stage, designed to work also in mono and tri-mode, ensure very high output current, with powers up to 900 W (RMS).

Amplifier Management Processor (AMP) constantly checks the operating status system and communicates with the user through 4 different coloured LEDs, located on the top panel; ART (Automatic Remote Turn On-Off) allows automatic turn-on/off when a remote signal isn’t available from the source.


AV bit IN HD
Digital interface for all AV amplifiers. It offers one AD Link and AC Link input as well as one AD Link and AC Link output for a perfect digital connection with digital processors (bit one and bit Ten D) to drive a multi-amplified system. 
VCRA – Remote Sub Volume Control
Analog Remote Volume Control to drive the subwoofer in mono, by connecting the external subwoofer volume to the special sub volume socket (only with analog inputs).

Power Output

Load Imp.

  • 4 Ohm 260 W x 2
  • 2 Ohm 450 W x 2


  • 900 W x 1



AV due Manual

AV due Tech Sheet


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