Target Blu Eye



Target Blu Eye – Know what’s out there get a Real-Time Warning for approaching Emergency Vehicles


This system  is a unique and worldwide patented traffic safety system that warns you in advance of approaching emergency service vehicles. All the emergency services within the UK use Tetra radios and Target Blu Eye will let you know when they are close come day or night. So whilst driving at night, even if the emergency vehicle is not using their lights or sirens, the display will alert you of their presence up to a kilometre radius.

It uses both visual and audible warnings to let you know what’s out there. Within seconds of an emergency vehicle being in the radius, the signal will be activated and the signal strength meter in your vehicle will give you enough warning allowing you move safely out of the way.

Warns you of approaching emergency services such as marked and unmarked police cars, ambulances and fire engines.

  • Prevents unpredictable and dangerous manoeuvres.
  • Increases your own safety and the safety of other road users.
  • Prevents material damage & personal injuries.
  • Indicates whether an emergency service vehicle is approaching you or moving away from you.
  • Increases a relaxed way of driving.
  • Compact sized and easy to install.
  • Two years warranty.



Please call or message us for an installed price as this may vary dependent on vehicle and desired location of the Warning Display.





How does it work?

Based on TETRA technology, in the UK it is known as the Airwave Network which is widely used for the communication between different emergency services. Due to this highly advanced technology, the system is able to warn you in advance of approaching emergency services, such as:




Whats in the box? 

  • Dipole Antenna
  • Power Lead
  • Control Box
  • Display Unit
Where will the target blu eye be fitted in the vehicle?

The fitting centre will take you through where you would like the display fitted, the antenna will be fitted either on the front or back windscreens or other locations. A high gain antenna is also available on request, please ask your fitting centre for options. A control box will be hidden from sight.

Does the system work in Europe?

The Tetra network for emergency services is also used in The Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Germany (nationwide in 2014), Austria, Scandinavia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Italy. Coverage is variable and cannot be guaranteed and may be regional.

Will the system be activated by Tetra Radios used for civil purposes?

No, because, emergency services use different frequencies. Therefore Target Blu Eye does not recognize signals for civil use.

Whats is the range of Target Blu Eye?

The detection range of Target Blu Eye varies from hundreds of metres to approximately one kilometre. The range also depends on the selected sensitivity mode and the environment as well as the type and location of the antenna.

Does the system always warn you of approaching emergency services?

All Signals transmitted by emergency services will be detected however, emergency services do not always transmit (periodical) signals. The Tetra radio can be switched off or be in direct mode (DMO).

Facts & Figures

Statistics showed that in 2012 the UK 2,015 casualties were related to accidents where police vehicles had been involved.

In the period 2007-2012, 137 fatalities were registered due to accidents with police cars

(Source: Independent Police Complaints Commission)





User- And Installation Manual Target Blu Eye V2.4 ( 1,34 Mb )

Installation Manual TRACK VCD dipole antenna ( 307,36 Kb )

Declaration of conformity ( 47,65 Kb )