Project “500”

Last week this awesome little car arrived…


So we took it apart, and project 500 began..


Now, the Fiat 500 Arbarth is the smallest car we have ever worked, ironically its also one of the largest jobs we have ever taken on.. Excited.

System spec –

Audison Bit one

Audison thesis Basso sub

Audison thesis Sax mids (active)

Audiosn thesis violino tweeters (active)

Audison Lrx 6.2k amp

All Audioson connection cabling

Skins sound deadening

Pioneer source unit

The quality of these products are just incredible.

DSC_2167 DSC_2172 DSC_2170

Bespoke sections

Door cards (all 4)





The car will be heading straight over to G-werks as soon as its completed to have some very special wheels fitted, ride height played with and just generally made better… One to watch.

I’ll do a few updates throughout the build, keep a look out for updates..