Project – Ground up ^

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About 6 weeks ago nick contacted me to see if i could take on what couldn’t be finished of his engine conversion on the drive, in the minus temperatures.. Nicks been plugging away having a go with various parts of the mk2 here and there but never in an ideal location (outside, on the drive) and also working around full-time education plus work…. Something had to give…

A date was agreed and i arranged trailor collection of the none running mk2 to be delivered down here for completion. Heres what we faced,

Now being a mk2 nut personally i appreciate the efforts nick had gone to considering the circumstances, but this just wouldn’t do, so we sat down, had cups of tea, and spoke… Then started from scratch.

heres a few shots of the past 5-6 weeks…

shaved, oe finished bay..

show spec ABF (2.0 tall block)

and now fully prep’d for paint…

full right up to follow when the car is finished, wouldn’t want to give the game away now would we!