Red or Dead

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The name given to an ongoing project for a customer and friend of SIC Nick Williams, of NWVT, You may have seen his name floating around our site a bit as he is the guy that shoots most of our stuff. Like most people close to tuning garages you get pulled in and start to pick on the themes of the people you are around. When Nick first started to pop in he had a rip snorting focus RS ‘known for its sticker on the back window’. He always seemed to have a love for the Audi brand. We were conjuring up a plan to build an SIC/NWVT demonstration car, much to Nick’s approval.



On one of his visits down to us at SIC he mentioned getting rid of the RS and replacing it with something from the VAG group. This talk continued for a while, and before we knew it it was here a 2013 Audi A3 sport back in Misano Red with 7 miles on the clock. Nick had seen the work we had been doing on another A3 floating about in the scene as well as Mason’s Fabia and Will’s Polo and decided he wanted a full on air ride setup with show capabilities.



All kinds of ideas were thrown around as to how to go about doing something of a higher level than we had put out before. The first problem was that with the car being so new there were no air bags available. We contacted a few people and ended up with a couple of different sets to try, in the end we had to adapt a kit from a couple of different platforms that now works effortlessly on this car. Airlift Autopilot V2 heads up the management of the system.



The wheels were sourced through us in the shape of Rotiforms incredible forged 3 piece IND, made to fit an older shape S3 they were a little aggressive on the offset so some gentle arch fettling was required to fit them. Nick also sourced the awesome forge brake kit which we had painted to tie them in with the theme. The car sits quite in a “trademark” style for us, no daft tuck just a simple aggressive half tyre wall kind of stance, the car and kit have the possibility to go as low as we would like but we decided to keep it sat like this amongst‎ a sea of “broken stance” newer platforms.



So onto the Install, looking at the V2 manifold it seemed a shame to not use this to get maximum impact with the hard lines. The tanks and compressors fit well positioned vertically. The hard lines were going to be braided but as we had already done that in a project this year colour match was decided to be the best way to go. Every part of this show air installation fits under this platforms factory boot floor liner which was quite cool.



Red Alcantara panels were used to add another texture into the build. Which was then finished with a pane of glass and strategic lighting. That was the build done 4 days ahead of Players classic.. Enough time to sit back and enjoy the time coming up to the show (where we were to have quite a large trade presence) right?



“How about we do some audio” was mentioned by someone in the workshop. This added a whole other dimension to the build, why not? Not like we only had 3 days left… The equipment was chosen form Audison’s Voce range. The car has an Audison Voce K6 front end kit, An Audison Av10 subwoofer and powering the system is Audison’s top flight Av amplifier the 5.1k with all manners of trick integration.



For the time being the speakers have been mounted in the stock locations and a front foot well sub box used (the boot was getting kind of full) but look for more custom installation in the future.



The Audi as standard runs the newest MMI3+ system with a pop up out of the dash. This not only deals with all the audio in the car but its Phone kit, SatNav, Car Controls, Parking cameras, audio streaming and so on. We couldn’t really just take this system out as it does so much. MOST Integration would be the only solution in the form of Audison’s fantastic DA1 bit box of tricks. This piece of kit works by interrupting the MOST (optical) ring before it reaches its first point, enabling us to extract all audio and send it out optically again to an Audison processor of choice. This way we can get some real high end sound from a system with already brilliant functionality.



We then added the bit Ten D processor to split this signal and take care of time alignment and other processing. It seemed rude to not use the latest innovation by Audison the Full DA setup. This means replacing the input board on the amplifier and using a Cat5e and Rj12 to send and control signal to the amplifiers giving a true full digital transfer with the only D/A conversion happening in the high end DACs within the AV 5.1k.



The bit Ten’s DRC was then fabricated into the center armrest area of the car for ease of use. With the V2 controller mounted just above the cup holder.



In the boot there is a suspended Amp rack trimmed in matching red and charcoal alcantara. This houses the Audison 5.1k. and the bit Ten processor. This handmade “cabinet” is completely in unison with the seats motion from front to back making servicing work in the boot just as simple as before.



The latest little project on the car is trimming the factory door inserts in red to tie the interior into the boot a bit. These were previously a brushed metal effect.



The car is now really coming on and we are already talking about where to go next with it. Here are some more pictures.



This car is always at our workshop for demonstration purposes, if you haven’t heard any of this kit and would like to or if you have never been out or driven a car with digitally managed air ride then feel free to pop in and we will demonstrate the car to you, the equipment works wonders and the installation will speak for itself.


All of the Equipment used to build this car is available through either our online shop


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As always comments are welcome.
Paul – Team SIC