It’s Shark Week.


No really, it is. Aug the 10th marks the beginning of this legendary week on Discovery channel, check it out!


Anyway, with the cliches out of the way lets get involved in talking about Sam Beach’s awesome e24 635csi, A firm favourite of our’s and a car that has us looking at various classifieds whenever we see one in the flesh, you all know the feeling..




Electric everything, light grey/white extended leather interior that smells exactly how old BMW’s do. Meticulously owned by the last owner with buckets of history. The proof is in the pudding that this is a very well looked after car upon taking it apart for the job we have done no bush/bolt/joint etc was perished, seized, snapped. All was present and correct.



Before work was started on this car there were a number of delays, i’m partly to blame that in the consultation (which we didn’t have!) I hadn’t had the shocks off and measured up for customising. This car was dropped off to us on the same day it was purchased as Sam knew exactly what he wanted to do. Couple this with various shipping un-reliabilities I suppose sometimes our attitude of being able to please all people at all times can be forced off the mark by these third party problems..


The plan for the car was to have it on air, belly pan on the floor and wheels. Nothing else, K.I.S.S style, and it works. BBS made Kerscher RX where bought brand new and imported, fitment maths was something of a guess at this point as Sam nor I have owned one of these car’s before. A “lets play it by ear” attitude was adopted for this part of the build. It didn’t go too bad..




The E24 6 series has the strange old school VIP feeling to it, it could be right at home driving the Monaco water front or sat outside of a high class bar in central, it certainly isn’t timeless but thats a very attractive aspect of this car and its build. Very nostalgic to drive, should you find yourself on a country road where no road signs or even just signs in general to give away our current date you could swear you were back there in 1988, Kylie’s “I should be so lucky” was number one, Tinie Tempah had just been born, Sue Lawley had just been attacked by lesbian protesters whilst reading the news and hemlines a pouf’s were in full flight.




As part of our “stock fit” portfolio, the first tier of our pricing when it comes to installation everything is professionally fixed down and left “tidily” in the boot either in the wheel well or in this case against the rear of the deck head of the rear seats. Ironically we have no pictures of this rather clean install as the whole shoot was slightly rushed battling with gale force winds and rain, we’ll upload to our instagram over the next few days #studioincar Nick has done an incredible job with the shots however and have come out exactly how I wanted them.


There isn’t a kit available for this car so everything had to be custom made, the front shocks where made with retention of the performance threaded body section, still allowing raising of the shock body and dampening control, also caster/camber adjustability. The rears were from the Airlift self build range and the maths was done for the best arrangement here and it works well with target pressures between 40 and 70 psi throughout the ride heights. Rebound felt nice on the test drive and the whole car felt better composed than the original old stuff that had probably seen better days. Management is dealt with by Airlifts digital autopilot V2.




Our AirStudio part of Studio Incar is working well at the moment with the supply and fit of off the shelf or completely bespoke air kits and installations so whatever size of job or budget with our price tier schemes for stock fit and custom / show fit you should really be emailing or calling 01489 877 987 to find out what we can do for you.


Anyway, thats all from us, we’re happy with how this came out and i’m pretty sure Sam is over the moon with it which makes it all worth while. Heres some more of Nicks incredible shots our resident phot














Thanks all for getting this far, as always please share, comment or like etc.


Shakey – Studio Incar