Sleeper, part 2..

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So to follow up from where we left off with part 1 of danny’s mk1 blog entry, i charged the camera and took a few proper shot’s.

I finished up a couple of other job’s this morning so spent the afternoon on the mk1 prepping it for its 250 mile trip home. A wash down, a bit of snow foam, and a layer of blackfire brought the mk1’s paint straight back to life. last night saw the car up in the air to modify the driveshafts, basically shortening them to enable the car to be slung as low as possible, a little going over of the suspension has got the car sat as well as we can given the stock arches and pretty low offsets.. (bare in mind there are a set wheels in the boot in the photos)

so yeah, a pretty stock looking mk1, with a full 2.0 16v tall block, gives a lovely power/weight ratio and is quite a surprise for most.. nice sleeper.


see you soon,