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Take one completely stock looking mk1,

drop in an engine twice the size of the original, with double the power, out of a car of twice its weight… wich leads to some pretty embarrassing traffic light grand prix figures. If you’re on the receiving end this is..

All told danny’s mk1 has given us more than it’s weight in little problems, being the first mk1 we’ve ever converted everything was pretty much brand new to us.. That said, the whole thing is now complete and run’s effortlessly being converted from a 1300 carb to a fully digital 2.0 16v tall block with full OBD. it’s a real handful, and a testament to not needing buckets of power in such a light car, this innocent looking mk1 would show some real expensive metal up, struggling for traction into 3rd gear if you aren’t careful!

just a really simple, almost stock looking golf driver, with a twist.

While its down here danny sent his new (temporary i believe?) wheels down for a little bit of fitment and a drop on his coilovers, so here’s a few progress pictures, we’ll blog again with pictures of the stock look conversion as my cam ran out of battery before we had finished!

also, so clean it passed its mot without a single advisory…

check it out…

more on this over the next few days…