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Meet Jack Hill’s Brand spanking Seat Leon Cupra 290 with delivery miles, already under the knife. What a great car it is too!



It was around 3 months before we took delivery that we started discussing this build, it had to be very discrete inside the car and the original plan was to keep the boot completely discrete also. Plans changed as plans tend to and amongst us we decided to go a little further into the rear of the installation to give Jack something he wouldn’t mind looking at when he did see it.


Loud, clear precise sound with as subtle visuals as we can and retaining all factory functionality.


With the budget and time scales agreed we got to talking specs of the kit, the list is as follows –


Audison Bit one processor

Gladen Audio RC150/5

Gladen Audio M-line 10″ subwoofer

Gladen Audio SQL165 component speakers

Audison Connections OFC cabling throughout




With the car delivered and the kit out on the bench we started to take the car apart. It’s quite daunting stripping a car that is so new, we’ve done it plenty of times but there is always that “I wonder how this comes apart” feeling where you don’t know whether to push, pull, unscrew, pry……. As a side note for anyone taking one of these apart, there is a screw behind the interior door handles on the front doors that is an absolute nightmare to remove. Beware!






Typical to the way we do things all of the original plastic mounts were removed in a way that they can be replaced so that when the time comes the investment in your system isn’t lost at all and we can refit all original parts.


Stainless fixings and birch ply baffles where used to mount the new speakers and limit as much energy loss as possible, the most important thing to a speaker is how well it is strapped down. Lost energy is lost sound and ultimately wasted money. You can think of a speakers baffle like a car tyre, it’s all good having 750whp but if you have naff tyres it’ll never get to the ground.




The speaker cables were fixed for lash protection, chances are it will never be used but just in case..




With the baffles mounted to the doors we placed a minimal amount of “strategic” deadening to again keep energy loss down.






With these done it was time to put them back together. Sound deadening was placed on the door cards also as these can produce some strange noises once a decent mid-bass speaker has been fitted to the door. The tweeters were black hot glued in place of the original tweeter on the pillar which is nice..




Whilst this work was done the car was readied for cabling. A ¬†high level loom was run down the car aswell as 4 sets of cable for speakers (each mid bass and tweeter will have its own amplifier channel, this procedure is known as “active” amplification), power cable for the amplifier. Nothing else is needed down the car as the processor will turn itself on when it senses a signal, it will them trigger the amplifiers switch. Earthing in the boot is of the same gauge as power only a much shorter run.




The wheel well was lined with panel deadening and the new sub box and amp rack was bonded to the deadening. This process enables us to keep the car screw hole free but retains the strength of fixing. At this point the system is tested and found good, on with the fabrication work…


Again out of ply and stainless fittings wherever necessary, the floor panel, centre panel and cover panel were made. The cover panel has an in set metal grille which when fitted looks like the boot hasn’t been touched. Inside the centre panel and around the amplifier is a frosted plexi edge to pass light through, this panel was trimmed in a satin vinyl to tie in with parts of the car, the rest is stock look carpet.









At the front end of the car the Audison DRC was mounted in the pocket section just forward of the gear selector, things like this are done on purpose so the controller falls within hands reach so you aren’t having to be moving or distracted at all whilst driving. A simple “slot mount” system and the controller was done, great stuff!




With the majority of the system done now and tested it was time for trim before a final sit down and tuning session, as mentioned above, frosted lighting, satin black vinyl and stock look carpets were used throughout, to quite nice effect.






And finally the car itself –



A pleasure to work on even though it was a pain in the arse to take apart! Great sounding hatch, if you get a chance to listen to it then I suggest you do! Infinitely tunable due to the Bit Ones excellent processing power, two way active so the speakers have bags of power for headroom and dynamic swings..


Jack let me drive this when it was collected and it blew me away how positive it feels on the road, it’s quick enough to hld its own too, great car.


Of course, all equipment, products and fabrication supplied in house. -> Studio incar Online Store


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