Switch on the wireless, love..


A long standing partner of our’s, The Wheel Specialist Fareham has an owner that not only ensures the best possible standards in wheel refurbishment and custom coatings but shares a common interest with us being a full on petrolhead. I could probably exceed our bandwidth with the amount of projects Vern has on the go at any one time so I think we’ll just stick to this one, his T5 Transporter thats just had a fair amount of high end installation.




On the skin of things the van has our usual high end feeling to it, trimmed in charcoal alcantara and built to an exacting standard but underneath its hiding some serious trickery. The two iPads (both in custom enclosures) run completely wireless, information coming from the fitted WIFI unit in the car to enable not only 3G/4G broadband speed connections but also wireless networking within the van. Both ipads can be connected so depending on where you are inside or whatever you may be doing either can be used to provide entertainment or a source of infinite information.




The system also deals with its signal completely wirelessly using our High Def bluetooth streaming upgrade. This enable the highest possible sample frequency and ensures the ease of use/portability of the system. Each iPad can be linked simultaneously to the system so they can never “merge” and cause signal problems. The rear iPad is based around a more sit down and listen/watch approach whereas the front ipad is used from day to day. Both obviously charge from independent charge points.




At the hub of the system we have an Audison Bit processor dealing with swapping and splicing the signal into its separate bandwidths and sending it off to the brilliant Audison AV 5.1K, digitally of course using Audisons “FULL DA” technology utilizing Cat 5e cables for digital signal transfer ensure the cleanest possible signal right to the end of the chain.




The end of the chain being the Audison k6 3 way semi active set, So the midbass receiving its own channel of amplification, mids and tweeters running from the front class A channels and the Audison AV12 Subwoofers running from the 1 kilowatt subwoofer channel to ensure real grip and control.


The front end is all built into custom enclosures mounted on as solid a baffle as they can be to ensure no energy is lost during the movement of the speakers, a seriously important part of installation. All then are treated to front “beauty” panels to tie them in with the finish of the inside of the van and the rest of the interior trimmed by ourselves at an earlier date.








Anyway, enough of the talking here, as always if there are any questions on this build – Info@studioincar.com or catch us on facebook/instagram/twitter.










Shakey – Studio Incar