Red or Dead

  The name given to an ongoing project for a customer and friend of SIC Nick Williams, of NWVT, You may have seen his name floating around our site a bit as he is the guy that shoots most of … Read More

Subtlety Hertz

  We take being asked by a distribution company/friend to build a demo car quite seriously.   When Jas Dahele of FOUR Car Audio got his new A6 he asked us if we would build his new demonstrator. We use … Read More

Ipad Mini, Audison, Gen 2 TT…

Better late than never right? Matty’s killer TT had been planned out to come through our doors since early winter, awaiting the delivery of his Ipad mini we opened a “flexible” booking ready to start as soon as it arrived. … Read More

Max’s A3

The second time around.. Job sheet – Get the car sat better, fitment, height, camber, arch work etc.. Go Alcantara crazy The finished article leaves us with what we think is possibly the best sat static 8p A3 out there … Read More

Excellent sound

“Its what we do….” Basically was the spec for the Audi. My favourite type of install, “blank canvas”. Keeping boot space in mind, still being able to load in the boot whilst building a demonstration type vehicle is always quite … Read More