Ipad 2, Incar…

So paul’s m3’s been getting some treatment of late, heres the latest on whats been done.. Running a BitOne pocessor to sort audio out, fully active JL audio install and now all of the functionality of an Ipad2, It really … Read More

Our E46 M3’s

About time i put a post on our blog showing you our own rides really… As you can tell we take cars quite seriously, we’ve owned a few and it seems we have settled on these two.. Paul has had … Read More

1000+hp line up….

So things have been a little power crazy over at SIC the past few days, with various things going on with these three at the moment there will be updates aplenty! With well over 1000hp lined up in the workshop … Read More

MAD week…

Well its been a week of… Infamous pink wheels…. plentiful trips to trim delux! MASSIF trucks from detailer paul amongst plenty of others.. an e46 m3 monster was added to the SIC family… =============== What a week!! so, along with … Read More