Steve’s A4 Cab

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    Just a quick write up on a build we did over the last couple of weeks. Steve contacted us about upgrading the stereo in his Audi A4 Cabriolet. He visited us here at SIC and listened to a … Read More

The Rule of Three

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  Three | Runs true throughout this build, no matter where you look there is something to whittle it back to the number three… three amps, three woofers, three way from end, M Three…. Trust us the list goes on … Read More

Competition Time!

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  Things have been going full swing around the workshop lately. This is one of a fair few of competition cars we have built this year. This one being finished the day before the 3rd round of EMMA (European Mobile … Read More

MAD week…

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Well its been a week of… Infamous pink wheels…. plentiful trips to trim delux! MASSIF trucks from detailer paul amongst plenty of others.. an e46 m3 monster was added to the SIC family… =============== What a week!! so, along with … Read More

Joes mk3…

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Project procrastination!!! Joe (a personal friend) likes nothing better than to procrastinate, hence the ample project name!! he popped in to see us on saturday so we could logo and build a false floor (at his request wich was nice) … Read More

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