That mk2, Them wheels….

How do you take something you thought you’d made the best of and improve on it years down the line?

You go two steps back, of course.

Award winner on its first outing.. Max's MK2

Max collecting his award at the cars first outing, Prept 2012.

Firstly a little intro into how the mk2 came back to us, plenty of you will recognise it as our first mk2 demonstrator, as with everything we moved on and sold the mk2.. Max (a close friend of my own) had other plans about its disappearance and decided to do a deal on this with his current car, the static A3 we also featured when we re worked that.

Naturally it wasn’t with Max a month before it came back through the workshop doors for a full paint correction and various small jobs that had happened whilst in someone elses ownership. The paint could only be described as a mess, daily’d through winter and washed with the traditional “turtle wax and towel” or so it would seem.. We got it under the lights and got to work.

DSC_3272 DSC_3105

So with the paint back like glass, wheel rebuild courtesy of our friends at the wheel specialists Fareham, and the rest of the feel good jobs from the brief done, it was time for Ultimate Dubs 2012..


Now fast forward 5 months, Max started getting the itch again, not one to mince around he told us exactly what he wanted (their are far more plans we couldn’t complete during this stage two, but hold out..) which included the words “Clubsport”… From then on the plans grew, plenty of late nights sourcing a few special parts and luckily for him i knew the exact location of the second set of metro, tarmac spec 6r4 compomotives, from the same guy and wheel legend Jay Schofield who i sourced the first set from!


You probably wont believe but it took some persuading to get Max to go back to these wheels, for obvious reasons the car has been there before etc but after a few chats i think we both decided its the best thing that could happen to the car, it was at its best back then and what better to get it back there and advance on what was a great base.

With around an inch reduced from its rideheight from when we had it, all new arch trims, a new 16v fuel pump to free up some lean ponies, a fully coated half cage, rear seat deletion panel and carbon effect battery cover, another furb on the wheels and a host of other smaller jobs, i reckon between us all we nailed it.

DSC_0693 DSC_0623 DSC_0682 DSC_0669 So this is what was happening last week..

Quite bold, but i’d argue the toss with anyone who doesn’t agree this is one of the best mk2’s in the world right now, incredible. So glad to have it back amongst us, we’re jealous Max, see you soon mate.

Shakey – SIC