‘That’ snapped crank….

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Honestly, in the relatively short time this mk1 has been amongst us (just over a year) if it could speak it would tell one hell of a story!

3 engines, a million parking tickets, stranded in puddles, covering us all in oil on the motorway… you name it, every time this car used to go out, it would come back with a tail… After ample time off the road at a different garage just sitting there not being repaired enough was enough… We got it in with a suspected gearbox problem, turn out the crank had disintigrated… Out with the old and in with the new, within a few days it had a new 2.0 16v long block, on gsxR carb’s, timed, tuned and now running very well indeed..

As good as having a few tails to tell is, i doubt there will be many more eventfull ones to tell from now on, heres a few pictures from it returning to us after it’s (faultless) maiden voyage with its new engine.

owner. Lee James – close personal freind and customer of Studio Incar.