The Modular Mini (The Car)

With the year drawing to an end we decided that it was time for a new company demo car. As you have will have seen if you follow us regularly we don’t hold back when it comes to this type of thing. Full on show based vehicles with awesome stereo equipment. This project was to be no different. This is to be the first of a few blog posts on this car so keep your eyes peeled for updates and changes.


The audio builds we do are tailored towards the customer. We look at what they want from the car, pick an equipment list to best suit this, then install it in a way that not only meets the customers expectation but surpasses it. With the Mini we wanted to achieve this but have a modular aspect as well. This would mean that in a morning one person in the workshop could change any part of the system.

Why this modular build then? Well this has been done so we can start to bring you reviews on current and new up and coming products. These will be fitted and tested in a real world situation. Not just on someone’s bench or in a home environment. We will fit them and live with them for a while using the car as a normal car so we can give you the best review possible. Only one part of the system will be changed at a time, this should give us a great back to back comparison of each piece of equipment.

With the modular theme in mind we started to look for a car. A few suggestions were banded around the workshop a couple of big Audis, Bmw’s but we were looking for something fun to drive (we have to live with it after all) with a more mass market appeal. It then became obvious a Mini! Sure some guys think they are a bit girly but no-one dislikes a mini.

Then hunt started and before long there were list of ones we were interested. We have had a few friends of SIC who have owned these things and after driving a Cooper S John Cooper Works edition it was decided that this was the model to aim for. One was found (for a good price but needing a “little” work) and a deal was done.

Once the car was back at SIC HQ a list was drawn up as to what it needed to have, in terms of Audio and general car tomfoolery. There were a few key things that needed sorting, 2 knackered drive shafts, a wheel bearing, Missing front arch trim, the clutch, cracked brake disk’s, and some pretty worse for wear rear arms.

On the subject of rear arms we are a dealer for Hard Race. We ordered up a set of their adjustable rear arms for the mini. Once fitted the change was possibly the most impressive we have had from a single modification. The ride has improved (odd for a hard rubber racing application arm), better turn in and all round road holding. If anyone is looking into tracking one of these cracking little cars we would strongly suggest you add a set of these into the mix.

Once all this was sorted a little trip to the paint shop for a freshen up and the car was looking a lot more presentable and a decent base. For what we had in mind. More pictures to follow in the next blog post.