The Move…

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So we’ve shifted our business to a new more “fitting” premises..

As a lot of you may now, we don’t advertise our whereabouts for various reasons but with the new year coming and wanting to get a little further into the retail side of business we’re proud to have just taken on a new premises.

The new workshop has exactly the same floor space as the old one but uses its space in a much more professional way, giving us access to 2 offices, a main “showroom” type area and a much neater workshop for where the magic happens.

We’re still local to the old one, and as stated it wont really make much odd’s to those who havn’t had work carried out already but i feel the need to tell you about it and the expansion of the company.

We’re excited about this, it’ll allow a lot of progression over the coming new year.

Heres a quick shot from the first night, before me and a group of close friends decided to move the partition wall 10ft back and also prior to any of the plans we have in place.


I’ll update as the plans unfold but yeah, we’re ready for 2012..