The Wheel Specialists…..

So a while ago i was pointed in he direction of “the wheels specialist” in sedgenseworth hampshire, after a blowout on the motorway in the R33 I needed the crack in the wheel repairing..

Everyone has there visions of how they expect something to be, from the very first moment someone tells you of something new.. So naturally i expected to rock up to a dark old farm building with a man (covered in metal dust) as old as the tree’s and just as wise.. wich to be honest i wouldn’t turn my nose up at, at all.

But, i didn’t, where i did arrive couldn’t be further from my imagination..Freindly from the outset, state of the art products, utter cleanliness, a fantastically spec’d workshop organised perfectly and fully equipped for the job in hand. Needless to say the feeling of “should i have done this” wich is oh so common with other companies, just wasnt there and i was 100% confident that my job would be done.

specialising in wheels refurbishment, any finish, any car, any size, if you want your wheels fresh, then no-one comes higher regarded from our opinion, with an enthusiasts outlook there is no finish that isn’t tailored for, or at least can’t be discussed and tried!

For the past couple of months we have been working with the wheel specialist as our new coater (of all our parts, not just wheels), its difficult to find a coater that A, has the understanding of show winning finish’s and not just a park bench finish, and B, one who delivers on time, every time, C, has a willingness to try something new and keep things fresh every time. The finish’s theat the guys up here have supplied us with have been second to none, and I’ve had a fair few coaters!

here’s a few shots i took while i was there yesterday, and a few of the demonstration pieces plus work that has been done for us..


Excellent stuff, so anything form a full set of show wheels, to a custom inlet manifold, get in touch, either with us or with the wheel specialist themselves, tell them we sent you!