Ultima GTR interior pack..

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So we took this on for a neighbouring tuning company souhways automotive who gave us the opportunity to build something thats not been done before in a fairly high end car, the breif was as discrete as possible, no infringing on interior space/movement, basically something in fiting with the cars hard core attitude.


This was a brilliant challenge for us, needing to keep things as down on weight as we could, as subtle as we could and with an end product that really works well. We set about building the door enlosures first, fabricating them from fibreglass and mould fabric, these both house a 5.25 mid level rainbow coax and use the actual door as an encloure, the results are great, plenty of depth from such a small mid, plenty of weight saved so the scissor/gulwing style doors balance effortlessly.

A screen was ran in the centre of the roof on a bracket and a live time camera relays all goings on behind the car, we debated for a while as to wether to fit the screen to the dash but the decision was made to give it a trial in he roof and see how this goes from a visibility point of veiw, i must admit it works great up here!

Anyway, check it out –

DSC_3748 DSC_3751 DSC_3779 DSC_3788

What a thoroughly nice project, on to the next one.. Thanks for reading guys,

Shakey – SIC