Update 2, project 500

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Today saw some 50mm kicked baffles mounted in the front door’s, sealed with deadening on both skins.


Lighting was installed inside the door to take advantage of the see through pole peice of the thesis sax mid… A plexi ring was machined (i’ll blog about this at a later date) to flush the mounting ring of the speaker against the door card, its piano black to match the rest of the cars trim.

Heres a “first fix” picture, theres still loads of work in the door’s –

DSC_2435 Also had a play around with tweeter location for the pillar builds, i’ve decided these will be the last thing i build as i wouldn’t mind listening to the car with them in various position either on or off axis. A few sets of rings and grill sections were machined to house the thesis violino tweeters. DSC_2444 DSC_2447

Things a a bit further along than this, i didnt take any shots of the rear door panels/custom rooflining and pillars etc but i’ll grab some and do another update tomorrow.

Cheers for looking!