What a month!!!

well, its been a while since my last blog post, thought i’d let you in on a few snap’s as to what we’ve been upto.. Its been a real month of ups and down’s, considering it has been the business first month on the “run up” to a major uk event – Edition38.. 4 all night stints in total, 7 day weeks for 4, deadline’s met ahead of schedule and a couple one not met due to parts, i think as a whole we did quite well.

firstly, marks Supercharged vr6 mk2 – project “the next big thing”

not an awful lot of pictures for this one, its pretty “under wraps” to be shown at players (a whole other story).. so watch this space..

Secondly, my own full engine rebuild and re-work plus custom “trimmed” bay, stand by for full spec.. Huge shout to G-werks, especially darren and ben for helping out when things went a bit pair shaped with the cars management…

Thirdly, the mk4.

i nice subtle JL audio audio job for neighbouring company G-werks. Oe integration with a fully amped system.

theres been plenty of other jobs going on behind the scenes, full long block mk1 (a custom exhaust away from completion!), custom audio mk2 to name a couple, not to mention the full pre and paint plus engine rebuild of damo’s! All will be blog’d on completion..

there we have it, a very tired us, and a few more happy customers 🙂

see you all at players guy’s, where each one of these cars will be also!